Increase sales with email marketing

Increase sales with email marketing

Email marketing is one way to increase the conversion of your online shop. On the one hand, this variant of online marketing is particularly cost-effective and, on the other hand, it allows customers to be addressed directly and specifically – both new and existing customers.

Of course, certain requirements must be met for the targeted and successful addressing of existing customers via email marketing. On the one hand, you should have a customer database with sufficient information about your customers and their previous purchases; on the other hand, it should be possible to connect your shop system to the customer database and the e-mail marketing pool. This requires a shop system that supports plug-ins, as is the case with Magento or Oxid, WooCommerce plugins for example.

If these points are met, you can make targeted offers to your customers on the basis of the customer database. Personalized trigger mails (event-related e-mails) prove to be very beneficial and are rewarded with an opening rate that is up to three times higher.

A good reason for an email is, for example, an abandoned purchase. Kindly remind your customers that they still have a few items in their shopping cart. Inquire about what led to the abandonment of the purchase process and include a voucher as an incentive to continue shopping.

Reach new customers with email marketing

Even if it is mostly the existing customers who spend more in your shop – attracting new customers has never hurt anybody. You have different options to choose from.

You can use the existing e-mail distribution list of other companies for stand-alone mailings in a one-time action. Or you can go the lead generation route in the form of co-registration and co-sponsoring. The advantage of the second variant is that you receive email addresses and data of potential customers. This data can be used wonderfully for direct marketing and targeting via email. Because of course, more success is guaranteed if the offer of your e-mails is tailored as precisely as possible to the addressee.

Send nice emails with good content

Regardless of whether you are writing to existing or potential customers, ensure that you have good content in an appealing form. Responsive design is an important keyword here. Since more than half of all smartphone users now access their e-mails while on the move, it is important to ensure that the e-mails are displayed on mobile devices in a visually flawless and appealing manner.

As far as the content is concerned, the same rule applies here, as is so often the case: the flavor is in the brevity. Address the reader directly, arouse their interest, and provide them with important information. And last, but not least: think carefully about when to send your emails. Because, if the time of arrival is badly chosen, the good piece goes to the wastebasket without being read. If you plan to retain customers, then Digital Marketing Company will help with email marketing and every other form of Online marketing services.