How to Recover Lost Data from Your Hard Drive?

How to Recover Lost Data from Your Hard Drive?

If you can’t live without your Mac or PC, data loss is truly a stressful thing in your life. You might empty your recycle bin or delete files intentionally or unintentionally in different cases. You might incur data loss in different cases from the crashed hard drive. You might lose data because of logical data loss or physical damage to hard drive. Some of the common examples of logical data loss are accidental deletion or formatted hard drive. Your hard disk loses references to the location of your file but they are still there on your system’s hard drive with this situation. 

Emptying or clearing the recycle bin is the most common mistake that most of us make. Due to this action, even the reference to file location is removed. You might unintentionally format the hard drive sometimes and realize that your important documents and files have been lost. In this situation, the hard drive or disk may crash and you have no other option unless you format your drive. 

Recover Lost Data with Recovery apps 

If you have removed something important but your PC is working, you should ensure that your photo or document is not placed somewhere. Check the Trash/Recycle Bin and search for the file in the whole system. Simply open any folder and enter the file name on the search bar on both PC and Mac. It is also applicable to cloud storage drives like Dropbox and Google Drive. 

Remove the drive from your PC if you couldn’t find the file and attach the same to a computer that is working. Keep it attached until you find recovery software. You can find a lot of data recovery tools that come with a free trial. They may charge you if there are chances of recovery. These tools simply scan the USB stick or effected drive and search for any file you are looking for by file name, type, and other details.  They can also show you the files that are recently deleted and tell you the chances of recovery. The process is as smooth as any new app and results can never be guaranteed. 

How to avoid loss of data from hard drive?

  • Use antivirus to keep your system free of malware. A lot of malware infections and viruses attack your system and may cause loss of data. 
  • Backup the data constantly to secure your details. This way, you need to recover a lot of data without any specific tool or recovery service. 
  • If you hear any weird noise like grinding or clicking sound, stop using the system. Use byte-level backup before stopping to use the device. Create a backup with deleted files. 
  • Avoid high humidity or heat as it can damage your storage device.